Our Family has a Friday night pizza tradition.

We look forward to Friday all week long because we know we will gather together, relax, talk, laugh, and enjoy the best meal of the week. It’s no ordinary tradition, because it's no ordinary pizza. We make the dough 24 hours in advance so it has ample time to proof, paying attention to detail and creating a firm, chewy texture – and when it’s ready we top it with homemade pizza sauces that are seasoned just right and only the best quality meats, cheeses and veggies. Then we cook it the way pizza should be cooked – as hot and as fast as possible on a pizza stone – enjoying a piping hot pizzeria quality pizza without making a reservation, waiting to be seated, or even leaving the comfort of home.

We want to share our pizza tradition with your family. But try it with caution . . . pizza this way can be very addicting!

Mission Statement: To provide a quality dining experience that is as unique as the community we serve while focusing on the three "D"s.
  • DISPELLING the myth that you have to leave your home and pay way too much to enjoy an amazing pizza.
  • DEVELOPING honesty, appreciation, respect, awareness, and gratitude in our workforce.
  • DELIGHTING in giving back to organizations in our community that make this area a truly remarkable place to call home.

    We believe in giving back to the community. For every pizza sold, we will donate .50 cents to the dyslexia center of Utah. This donation will go directly to provide scholarship for qualifying families who cannot afford the tuition.
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